What is the Talon Safety Excellence Award?

The ISSP instituted the Talon Safety Excellence Award to formally recognize safety managers, organizational leaders, and other personnel for significant and meaningful contributions to safety. Anyone is eligible to nominate or be nominated for an ISSP Talon Award. ISSP membership IS NOT required. The Talon Award was established to help recognize excellence and advance safety.

Talons are tools used by the great birds of prey to achieve victory. Each ISSP safety excellence award is named after one of several great birds of prey. These magnificent birds are rulers in their environment and are recognized as being superior in their respective communities, and so are top safety professionals and safety performers. As such we considered it fitting to name our Safety Excellence Award program after these great and majestic birds.

The ISSP is dedicated to fostering and facilitating the highest level of safety accomplishment for your organization. We know recognition of safety excellence is essential for achieving high levels of safety performance and maintaining a positive safety culture. As such, we invite anyone and any organization to participate in our Talon Safety Excellence Award program.